Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Glutino Table Crackers- gluten free

I used to eat Saltine Crackers all the time with my soup or chicken broth. But since I have gone gluten-free, I eat the Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers.
To me, they taste like the crust of the pre-made pot pies in the frozen aisle at the grocery store.

I have bought them at Clarks Nutritional Store and Walmart Neighborhood Market. You can also buy them at Amazon.com.  A seven ounce box usually is about $2.50 to $3.50.

1) Glutino table crackers at Wal-mart

#Wal-Mart  www.walmart.com

2) Glutino table crackers at Amazon.com

#Amazon  www.Amazon.com

Rice Dream Rice Milk

I am one of those who can't drink milk due to being lactose intolerant so I have had to find other alternatives. There is almond, coconut and rice milk (or drinks) which I cook with or put in my hot or cold foods like rice grits.

One of the products I use is the Original Organic Rice Dream (Rice Drink). I usually buy it at the Wal-mart Neighborhood Market or the local grocery store like Stater Brothers. The one thing I like about this product is that it doesn't need refrigeration until it is opened. So I can stock up on these and they don't go bad for a couple of years.

They come in vanilla, regular, or unsweetened. Sometimes I forget to look on the package of which flavor it is and accidentally buy the unsweetened which is not what I like. I just add a little bit of agave syrup to it and I am good to go. They come in a couple of different sizes.

I can get a carton of Rice drink for about $2.50 to $3.70. I do try to look for the sales where they have 2 for $5.00. 

1) Wal-mart 

2) Target   

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Gluten Free Granola bars

It can become so frustrating as to what foods to eat, if you are like me, who has tremendous amounts of sensitivities to food products. I become sick when I eat dairy and I have sensitivities to foods with gluten, soy, and corn which cause digestion problems. So I either have to limit the food items or avoid them whenever possible. There is a lot of other foods that I can't eat due to the symptoms they cause. Through the last couple of years of searching, I have found some food items that I can actually eat which doesn't cause health problems in my sensitive system.

I found that a nearby Walmart Grocery store has gluten free products. One of the things I like to buy and snack on  is "Gluten Free Granola bars" by Great Value. Their flavors are dark chocolate, trail mix, fruit mix,and peanut butter, etc... For a box of 5, it costs about $2.48. They are chewy which is good for me who can't handle hard, crunchy granola bars due to my jaw problems.

I personally love the dark chocolate one because it seems to melt in my mouth and tastes like a candy bar. I can't eat the peanut butter or the fruit mix granola bars because they have peanuts in them which is another thing I am sensitive too. I lean towards the trail mix flavor due to it having no peanuts and I do love the taste.


If you want more info on the product, click on the link below to see the nutritional value, etc...